4 Channels Push Buttons Interface
• Number of Input : 4
• Power supply via KNX bus
• Power consumption <0,25W
• Max input wires length 10m
• Permitted wire gauge KNX terminal (0,8mm2)
• Operating temperature -10-85°C
• Protection class IP20
• Size 54x44x17 mm
Data Sheet
LC-DC04 is a 4-channels push button interface used to acquire external commands. The device is equipped with a 15cm long cable, on which there are 4 pairs of wires for direct connection to the push buttons. The wires are colored to facilitate the recognition of the channels. Inputs are individually configurable with ETS to perform the desired function by the designer. The device provides control functions for load control, the opening and closing of shutters, the adjustment of a light source and the selection of scenarios. Some of these functions exploit the possibility of recognizing the prolonged closure of the auxiliary contact to carry out the command desired